The Difference Between: Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising and Branding

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Websites and Facebook business pages working together for your small business

Small businesses striving to have a personal presence on the web should let their website and a Facebook business page work together. 81% of consumers research online before making a major purchase. 21% of your audience uses their mobile phone primarily for online research. It’s not enough to just be web-friendly – you must be

Does My Local Business Really Need a Website?

When was the last time you used the Yellow Pages or any kind of phone book? With the ease of Internet search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo it means that fewer people are using printed books when searching for products and services. So why would you continue putting your effort and marketing dollars into

Mobile Market Share

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Essential Elements Your Website Must Have

Why complicate things when you can make them user-friendly. An easy-to-use website attracts more clients and more business. You should always think about how you can remove any unnecessary clutter, confusing links or visual eyesores to let your core business stand out. Streamlining your website to be simpler and more user-friendly will help create more

What’s changing in mobile?

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Having a Mobile Friendly Website is Essential

In today’s fast-paced world, people want information and services even faster. Technology has now made it possible to access this information from your cell phone instantly. Due to the increase in sales of smart phones, it only makes sense for companies to attract customers with a site that is mobile-accessible. Mobile technology is becoming the

Do business cards still matter in this digital world? – Ummm YES!

            Business cards stand the test of time – embrace them and create stylish, creative cards that will help your brand and business grow! Regardless of all the technology in everyday life, there is still a need for adding a personal touch, such as a business card, to your networking

Why is branding important?

What is branding exactly? A brand is what you promise to your clients/customers. Its how you do business, sell products and services and how you are better or put you apart from your competitors. Branding influences all business big or small. It’s that “first impression” and in the business world that “first impressions” is what

Oil Field Video Project

We are busy with an awesome video project. Its been taking a while because its actually 6 videos. We had a great time shooting the video, and learning some pretty interesting stuff in the oil industry. We got to see a 3D printer in action, and yes as tech nerds it was probably one of