Essential Elements Your Website Must Have

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Why complicate things when you can make them user-friendly. An easy-to-use website attracts more clients and more business. You should always think about how you can remove any unnecessary clutter, confusing links or visual eyesores to let your core business stand out. Streamlining your website to be simpler and more user-friendly will help create more interest in your business. Here are some essential elements that must be included:

Attention-grabbing headline: The first thing people see when they visit your website should be a compelling headline that describes the most important benefit your products/services offer. The headline is the key element of your site. It’s what will persuade visitors to stick around and check out what you have to offer. Make your headline stand out from the rest of the text by using a large font size, bolding, italics, or a different color – whatever compliments your website.

User-friendly navigation: When it comes to navigation, consistency is key. Customers should be able to know where they are on your website at all times. Make sure your navigation bar or menu is clear and easy to understand. Having the navigation located exactly the same place on every page of your website will make it easy to navigate. Nothing will drive away customers/clients faster than confusing or complicated navigation!

Effective sales copy: Your sales copy is the first contact you’ll have with the most of your visitors, so make the most of it! Use copy that will draw the reader in and describe your product or services without being too lengthy. Establish your credibility with strong, personalized copy so visitors can trust you.

A clear “call to action”: Don’t leave them guessing. If you want people to buy your products or services, you have to tell them how to do it. You need to explain exactly what you want them to do and you have to make it easy for them to do it.

Well-chosen images: Attractive images can help people visualize your products or services and their benefits. It also gives a feel of what your business is about or looks like.

An “About Us” page: This provides information and images of you, your staff and your business. People miss the personal interaction and this way they feel they doing business with real people. This will also help get meetings with potential clients as they will have an idea of you and your business and will help ease any worries they might have.

Your contact information page: This is a page for all your contact info, including address, mailing address, phone, fax and email. Businesses that only post e-mail addresses on their sites come across as unprofessional and possibly even disreputable. Make sure your main contact information is clearly visible on every page of your site, such as phone numbers or email. This will make it easy for customers to know how to reach you if they want to get more information.

Also remember it helps to review your website periodically. Make sure everything is working, information is current and contact info is updated. Don’t forget, a streamlined website generates more clients.


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